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Saturday, March 26, 2005

More on the living dead

   Watching and reading all the hubub, I haven't seen this many Floridians with nothing better to do than involve themselves in something that doesn't concern them since Elian Gonzalez washed ashore.
Here's a thought, take up golf. http://fgolf.com/

Friday, March 25, 2005

Oohay for Yahoo (sarcasm)

     Wellity, wellity, wellity, Yahoo has seen fit to change the
appearance of yahoo groups. I believe this is in accordance with the
old adage; "If it is broken about 20% of the time, changing the
functionality from 1998 state-of-the-art to completely nonsensical is
the best you can do. That, and use pastels, everyone loves pastels,
especially around the time of year the m & m's are in pastels."

     My gripe, you asked? I prefer to read the messages at the group
sites, where until some time this afternoon, the messages were easily
displayed in order, 30 to a page, top to bottom. One could (I did)
make note of topics one would like to respond to once one got caught
up; simply by noting the message number. I would do this so as not to
make replies that have already been made. Yahoo has decided in
addition to the new color schemes, that displaying the message # is
too much trouble, I need to remember the title and author, because
that fits better into their new format. Apparently the numbers were
ruining the feng shui.

     Worse than this, in stark contrast to the format that English and
every other language that I know of that uses the 20-something letters
this message is made up of follow, they have chosen to display
expanded messages bottom to top. Now, bottom to top may be a gay
couple's idea of an adventurous weekend; but it doesn't make a whole
lot of sense when one is trying to follow a conversation that has been
written top to bottom. You see, you have to scroll up to the beginning
of the message, being careful not to overshoot it and lose your place,
there are no numbers so you can't simply remember where you were, then
you can start reading top to bottom again. Until you want to go to the
next message, then you scroll again.

     Spoilers Warnings are now pretty useless for those of us that choose
not to have several hundred single emails in our mailbox every
afternoon. So, apparently I am being penalized because I prefer to
waste less time reading group messages, just for the sheer glee
someone at Yahoo! is able to glean from wreaking this havoc?

     --- Richard (probably missing an easy toggle button that puts it
normal, but has already gone this far)

Monday, March 21, 2005

Terri Schiavo Must Die

     I keep hearing the local news botch say "This complicated issue". I guess we really have a great divide in this country, where something can be so cut and dried to opposite sides of the issue. I haven't heard anyone on either side that thought it was complicated. You know, the fact that this severely brain-damaged woman's face sometimes contorts into what could be considered a smile really shouldn't be construed to mean that she is enjoying any of this. They don't let defense attorneys use vaginal secretion evidence in rape trials anymore -- involuntary physical reactions do not constitute consent -- kinda similar situations in my book. You stroke this vegetable's head and she smiles, or more accurately; her face squinches into something not unlike a smile, that means something? If there were a way to invest in Living Will futures I would so make a ton o' money; 'cause if this case doesn't cause millions of people to have one drawn up I don't know what would. "You too could fall victim to a political agenda, don't let this happen to you!" Because, aren't we really just talking about taking back the right of the spouse to decide for the impaired better half?

     Pity Terri, hubby, parents; they are all just tools of some pretty big, powerful tools in their own right.

     "This is a complex case with serious issues, but in extraordinary circumstances like this, it is wisest to always err on the side of life," said the killingest Governor in American history, at the beginning of an event on Social Security at the Tucson Convention Center.todaynyt

Saturday, March 19, 2005

I Don't Hate Walmart

     I don't particularly care to be there unless I really feel it's necessary; but that's because of all the people and the crowds. The people being rude people, and the crowds being a lot of people, any kind. As you may already know, I don't care much for people as a general rule, but when you get that many in one place; it's never a good idea. Walmart as monopolistic Mom & Pop killer ... nope, doesn't really stir my ire like it seems to for others.

     I see that view, that Walmart crushes small competitors in its less-than-honorable price-undercutting way; but that is Capitalism, isn't it? If Mom & Pop can't sell retail for less, or even close ... I can't do anything for them. Should I pay more for the same exact product because, wait what is the reason for all this ire again? I don't understand how the smaller retailers came to represent the American Ideal anyway. If you have a store and don't sell anything that can't be found at Walmart for less, why should anyone choose to pay extra to keep you in business? It's not like we are talking about Walmart putting in a candy shop on Mulberry lane next to old Jeb's Bait, Tackle n' Candy store. This enormous retailer only really muscles similar, slightly smaller enormous retailers. The whole thing smacks of a few people with a little too much time on their hands (hi kettle, pot calling) stirring a sample to increase the odor.

    I need to get that point across better. Establishments that offer unique or specialized products and/or services have nothing to fear from Walmart, Target, Walgreens, etc. But what personal customer service is involved in buying coat hangers, DVDs, or even Leapfrog kiddie desktops? It's not that the story of a small nursery owner put out of business by Walmart who now has to work there to afford his insulin and the cat food he is forced to subsist on, giving personal advice to home gardeners that once upon a time would have shopped at his now-foreclosed property isn't a sad, compelling, and Dateline Sunday-worthy story; it is. It's just that that story really doesn't happen all that often. People still go to the Mom & Pop's if there is anything they can't get at Walmart there to be had.

    I asked Lala her opinion on all of this, and she helped as only she can:

Yes, yes. I remember when Walmart came to Wershaleeves. It was a huge, huge fight. It pretended to be about the evils of the big box or whatever, but it was really a fight about the increase in traffic and sadness that a rather picturesque field area was being built upon. Like that wasn't going to happen anyway, no matter who did it. Empty land isn't going to stay empty when it could be bringing revenue into the city.

     I mailed back: "I agree. People are full of shit that way. Instead of arguing their actual argument they try what they think will get more people to agree with them. That happens at my work, nolol. (Nolol is a word I just made up for a thing that would be a lol if it weren't ... so ... fucking ... sad.)"

Lala replied:
nolol..I like that. May I use it? And you are exactly right. People choose what they see as the most compelling and sympathetic argument, completely leaving out their genuine motivations. I guess it is the whole by any means sort of mentality.

     I finished the conversation: "Sure, in a way. I wouldn't equate the city council with Malcolm X, but I see how you mean that. Yes, you may use nololĀ®, but you must include a credit of its origin for the first 30 uses. After your 30 uses are up you may choose to stop using it, or register your copy for only $11.95 at thiswebsite.com."

     I'm not saying that Walmart doesn't have repugnant policies, this article started my whole pondering. Walmart builds near pyramid, people squawk It's just that Wally World is not alone in its less-than-benevolent policies; automakers kill their customers over pennies, don't they? (I'm having trouble recalling which American automaker had decided not to install a protective plate in one of their models because it would cost $12 and some odd cents per vehicle; and they projected less than that total to defend/settle the expected fatalities. Of course, a family with small children caught on fire, and were featured in a few news stories, but I guess the bad publicity didn't do too much harm; I can't remember which automaker it was.)

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Not that it's too late

So, I have promised some things, and not done them. Hmm, what a friend. Specifically, a set of corner shelves with the overall shape of a rabbit, cartoon-style; not actual rabbit you understand. That would be a pretty small, less-than-useful set of shelves. I promised them over a year ago, so she (the eventual reciever) has forgotten all about them, but I told Lala that I was going to be working on them, and finishing them this weekend. Not that I didn't work on them at all, just not as much as I could have, and they are not done. I also promised her (Lala) a picture of them. (I try to let her see any project I actually complete, because she shows interest.) Since the gal who will eventually recieve these shelves doesn't know they are coming, I'm pretty safe as far as she is concerned. Tomorrow should have some daylight in it, I'll try to finish up then.

Now, the big one. I fancy myself quite the lounge lizard, I've been in love with the sound of my own voice for over 30 years; and Lala knows this. Of course, I mentioned a week or so ago that I would sing her a song and upload it to our group for her to hear. ..........Yep, I haven't done it yet. I think I am making too big a deal of it. Maybe if I do several not-so-good ones I will be better off than trying to think of the perfect song and trying to do the perfect rendition, etc. She has already heard an off-the-cuff recording of "The Zyx Song", I shouldn't be so anal about the whole thing. I think I will do "I'm in the Mood for Love", and "Misty"; maybe one of those Rick Astley tunes for shiggles. This project I also have time for, but I know me and I don't think I am going to get anything done in the next few hours before I have to get some sleep.

No, I don't know why; I am just sitting here, staring into this box. hmmm. I should go.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Not adored, not even once

So, as I am wondering if it will ever become a habit to log and blog here, I am told that former talk-show host, formerly closeted* closeted lesbian, Ros.ie O'don.nell is a few months ahead of me, rambling and pithing and all that rot. Already getting hate posts, and being sad about it. I won't tell you how to get there, it is not my purpose here to provide that kind of information. However, if you do get there you will see the reference in my subject title. I will however review her blog for you, as a service to anyone too lazy to goo.gle her. It is pretty run-of-the-mill blather, a stream of consciousness, I-don't-know-spelling-or-grammar-hahah-isn't-that-cute type of blog. If you know anything about her, then you already know what her blog is like; there are no surprises. On the other hand, if you have strong feelings about her, pro or con - it's worth the trip.

* I say closeted closeted because she denied (after the fact) that she was ever closeted when hosting her show?! "Everyone knew, it wasn't a secret!" Uh-huh, and the fake-assed Tom Cruise lust wasn't for the benefit of the Aunt Beas in the audience, to mislead them about her romantic interests.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

My first online quiz

Got this from whatsitz, you know; someone else.
I am nerdier than 40% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Lala makes me happy

Talked to Lala today via rapid-fire email exchange, gotta love that collated gmail! Good conversations, got a few things cleared up that were left hanging on Friday. With that, I will get 3.5 hours sleep and go back to work.