But it's not necessary

The biggest sucker deal in retail.

Sunday, February 27, 2005


I'm up late and have to be up in a few hours, wondering if it is worth it to get a few hours sleep or try and coffee through work tomorrow, which it almost is already. Nope, I'm going to sleep, at least lay down. I have no idea why I did this post, trying to get in the habit so some good may eventually come of it, I guess.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Thinking of someone

I was just getting my usual Saturday afternoon nap, after getting up early in the morning for no reason, when I started thinking about Lala. I hope to get out West to see her sometime this Summer, and she now knows this, so it is on my mind a bit. I'm trying to be more strict with myself saving money and so on. I have what I need to go now, but you can never have too much extra money when you are away from home. What with eating out every meal, hotels, motels, Holiday Innzz, etc. Not that I won't be staying with Mothra when I am there, but I think I'll need a few nights with, um, privacy. Plus, things there will be complicated enough without bringing Lala over to see it.


Just putting something here to get a look at it.