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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

That's Entertainment

   Isabel tried to bait me into an argument today. I don't recall exactly, I think she was pretending to not understand something, and I asked her why she was doing that; as we both knew better. "I just felt like arguing," was her response, to which I asked didn't she get enough of that at home? She replied that she wanted an argument that she could win and I said "Huh?" and she said that she doesn't usually win arguments with her husband Zonker. I asked her why that is, and she replied, 'Cause he remembers stuff, he remembers what he said before." I found that incredibly funny, and very entertaining.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Separated at Birth? Have You Been to Lenscrafters?

   My Mother, Sister, Brother-in-law, and their children were here for a couple of weeks of the holiday no-school time. Actually, he was only here for one week, he is a middle-management type that doesn't like to let his coworkers, (above or below him), get a chance to see what things would be like if he were away for too long. Nothing like the paranoia that comes from working your way into a position where you would still be overpaid even if you actually did anything. He did work hard to get himself into a very well paying supervisory position, I tip my hat on that, but now he seems to spend a lot of time fretting about being 'found out'. I won't shed any tears for him though, he's making 6 figures now; he can afford the tissues. The reason I bring him up ... well, let's call him Glacier for now, Glacier said something rather odd to me the first night they were here. He asked me had I ever seen the show "House". I have seen House, on my own, but I definitely would have seen it by now just to shut up a coworker that insists everyone should be watching it. I enjoy the show, when there is nothing else to do, but it is pretty much the same thing over and over. I realize that familiarity is what you look for in appointment television, but sometimes it isn't enough to hold my interest.

  Back from straying slightly off-topic, I told him I had indeed viewed the program, and he asked had anyone else noted to me that I resembled the actor that portrayed him. He hastily added that I looked much younger; either I blanched at the comparison or he just sensed my lack of enthusiasm for the compliment. I consider it a compliment, but not much of one. I would have no problem having Sela Ward as a notch in my bedpost, nor having young female doctors throwing themselves at me, but that is the character, not the guy. I guess I should research whom Laurie has humped IRL, but that seems like work.
A few years ago, getting to the point of all this, Glacier was here on a similar vacation and Craig Bierko's face appeared on the television, in what capacity I have no idea, but for some reason I think it may have been some infotainment show mention of his role in "The Music Man". He quickly intoned that I very much resembled the actor, (pictured on the left above, Hugh Laurie is on the right), and I enjoyed the comparison as he is a handsome guy. He mentioned seeing Bierko in something previously and had seen the resemblance at that time and was glad of the opportunity to tell me. My problem with all this is that I had allowed Glacier's earlier observation to seep into my self-image, and I was probably carrying around some self-confidence that was unwarranted. Because, really, these guys look very dissimilar, so it may have been a problem with Glacier's spectacles all along. The question is, were his eyes better when he thought I looked like Bierko - or did he get new glasses and now can see that I look a lot more like Laurie? I probably should have brought up the earlier conversation and asked him "So which is it then?", but that is really more conversation than I am willing to volunteer for with Glacier.

   I won't even go into the story of a woman that I once worked with that said I looked like Steve Buscemi, except to mention that she didn't wear glasses of any kind, but she did always add "but much better looking".

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Still playing games

I rather enjoyed this one, and these others. Combinationlock is one of those that you can get a lot of fun out of if you like logic puzzles where you get enough information to figure everything out -- if you give it enough thought. The two digit combos are difficult to miss, but the 4 digit ones get into some elaborately schemed clues, "the third reel (digit) is a square which is one third of the first which is more than the fourth"; that sort of thing. Headache material.

Hairybulletgames has a rather nice selection of games, a favorite from old is Bomb Jack, but the key controls aren't quite the same. There is a game called Bugs which is essentially Centipede except cooler. You roam about the playing field (you are a spider or something like one with 4 legs) and protect your mushrooms. Once all your mushrooms are eaten by bugs or shot up by you the game is over. Both of these are under 'action games', which is as far as I have gotten in my wanderings. Go ahead and sign up so your scores will be tallied.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

This is fun, isn't it?

I'm working on something really unpleasant, so here is something else for my first post of the year. Ferry Halim has added a game that is so simple that it is infuriating when you mess up! All the games and the so easy it is difficult one. There are a couple others that are particularly sneaky in how easy they seem, my favorites are MonkeySlide and Rainmaker .