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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Still playing games

I rather enjoyed this one, and these others. Combinationlock is one of those that you can get a lot of fun out of if you like logic puzzles where you get enough information to figure everything out -- if you give it enough thought. The two digit combos are difficult to miss, but the 4 digit ones get into some elaborately schemed clues, "the third reel (digit) is a square which is one third of the first which is more than the fourth"; that sort of thing. Headache material.

Hairybulletgames has a rather nice selection of games, a favorite from old is Bomb Jack, but the key controls aren't quite the same. There is a game called Bugs which is essentially Centipede except cooler. You roam about the playing field (you are a spider or something like one with 4 legs) and protect your mushrooms. Once all your mushrooms are eaten by bugs or shot up by you the game is over. Both of these are under 'action games', which is as far as I have gotten in my wanderings. Go ahead and sign up so your scores will be tallied.


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