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Monday, November 28, 2005

What's in your junk drawer?

No matter the type of household you live in, from low-rent to high-on-the-hog, if you have drawers in your kitchen -- chances are you have a junk drawer. Inspired by the fictional CGI animation flick "Escape From the Junk Drawer", I submit to you a blog-time-waster-thing I just made up. If anyone else has already done it, I didn't steal it, ask George Michael. All you have to do is open the drawer and list "What's in Your Junk Drawer?"

The first five things I found are:

Several wooden block rubber stamps

An unopened bag of 150 popsicle™ stick-sized wooden craft sticks

A bag of paper coin rolls, every denomination

An unopened package of four ceiling hooks

A snack bag ziploc™ with two keychain frisbee™ flippers and 6 of the frisbees™

(sometimes I am really organized)


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