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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Globe scoops YMT, Orpah not gay

  I have long suspected Orpah and her best bud Gail King are a lesbian couple, and had even partially written out a
piece about it, shelved it for a while, then the Globe comes out with their version, which pretty much tells me I was way off. They have a
website, but the story isn't there, they want you to buy the rag, and I think it was a week old when I saw it at the market. I didn't buy it either, since I know where they get there information. Basically, it is an unfounded supposition based entirely on circumstantial evidence.

    One: Orpah mentions galpal Gail about 50 times as often as the very beardish-looking Stedman. Okay, that was two points.
     Two: She has propped up galpal Gail on the staff of her magazine, despite her complete lack of experience.
      Three: Lots of people have best friends, when was the last time you took your best friend on vacation with you instead of your mate?
       Four: She is over fifty and has never been married, and doesn't seem anxious to ever do so.
        Five: Orpah has lots of money and seems to be in the best shape of her life, she must have something to hide.

  These things are what my theory and the Globe's have in common. They have an additional incentive, Orpah Gay! makes a pretty good headline for selling a checkout rag. I prefer people come here to read what I have put here because they have been amused before, not because a search engine sent them, hence the spelling 'Orpah'. Anyway, whether you are trying to sell magazines or amuse approximately 24 people, the theory doesn't hold water. Orpah doesn't fit any lesbian profile available through the Spotgay Network, and she has never been seen near the Scientology Welcome Center. Whether she and Gail and Cameron and Julia occasionally get together for overnight clamathons doesn't change the fact that she is more than likely 95% straight. If anything, she is the beard for fey businessman Stedman Gingerbread, NTTAWWT.


At 9:05 PM, Blogger l.b. said...

I have never gotten the gay vibe off of Orpah (nice touch) Steadman, meh, who knows? Not that my gaydar is infallible...we heteros tend not to be so finely tuned in that area, but still....


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