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Sunday, September 25, 2005


  I saw this show on PBS a couple of Saturdays ago, and I just thought to look it up today. There is this strange little show in the morning, it comes on after the economics shows from the late 80s, some sort of "being a good employee in broken English" kind of thing. What I was intrigued by was that one of the bad English employees being helped by helping lady looked and sounded just like Horatio Sanz. Horation Sanz is the tremendously unfunny stoner on Saturday Night Live. I say 'the' because Fallon is no longer with the show, although he may take to hanging around like Lovitz if he can't do any better than "Taxi". Back to Sanz, he doesn't appear on IMDb as having appeared in anything like this show I don't know the name of, so I am perplexed, because I don't know where else to look. I am no longer intrigued, however, because I have now lost interest.

   Looking into Fallon I came across the listing for "Fever Pitch" which I still haven't seen, even though Drew is in it. I see that it has done much better with regular folks like you and me than with the critics, and the "not enough baseball" critique counts as a plus for me. If that is the case, then I will see it soon and let you know what I think. --r-  (I never saw "Charlie's Angels: Full Bottle" either, but then I was certain it sucked. I'll see that one eventually too, no doubt, with the added value of McG's audio commentary!)


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