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Monday, August 29, 2005

St. James Davis faces new challenges

   After having their pet chimpanzee Moe removed from their care in 1999, St. James and Ladonna Davis began visiting him at the Wildlife Waystation in Lake View Terrace until he was moved to Animal Haven Ranch near Bakersfield in 2004. On March 3rd, while visiting to celebrate Moe's 39th birthday, four other chimpanzees escaped their enclosures and two of them attacked the Davises. Mr. Davis lost all of his fingers, parts of his face and one foot, Mrs. Davis lost a thumb. Throughout their tribulations beginning with the forced removal of Moe from their home in 1999 and their subsequent suing into disinterest the city of West Covina over the two unrelated bitings that Moe was accused of; The Davises have continued to retain shrill attorney Gloria Allred.

Most recently attached remora-like to best-selling author Amber Frey, Allred is best known as the Dr. Joyce Brothers of the American legal system. Davis is scheduled for many more surgeries for his injuries, there is currently no known technique to remove media whores. --r-


At 5:35 PM, Blogger l.b. said...

West Covina, where the Davis' live is not far from me. Although I wouldn't want to live next to them and their apparently rather odorific "child" I feel a great deal of sympathy for poor St. James. I guess, like The Bear Man, he learned that wild animals are always wild, even when you think they are your friends. No comment on their other problem. haha! That Gloria is an animal of a different breed.


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