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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Napoleon Dyn-o-mite = not that great

   I get it, he is a dufus. He is surrounded by dufi. I get it. One or two lines had me snickering, and then it was over. Scratch that, after 45 minutes of wondering when the great time was going to begin for me, I snickered once. Then light laughs two more times. Like that other guy said at the other place; it was all character and no plot. I get it, there was a plot. Just not a very interesting or compelling one, I get the sense there may have been a rather funny film put together there, it just didn't happen. Why not more establishing of the cousins (gangbangers in the lowrider) or Summer (the enemy in the Presidential race)? Grandma? A character-driven flick with a lot of roughly sketched characters, that never reveals much about them??? The sad part for me, I would probably watch it again if I could corner someone that has raved about it into sitting through it with me. I would like to see a sober person that I know getting a lot of joy out if it, that might clear things up for me. It wasn't horrible, I like goofy, character pieces, I was just expecting so much from all the hype that wasn't there. Kids, don't do drugs, don't believe the hype, aiight? --r-

People have argued the merit of Nap. Dyn-o-mite in the IMDb boards, I am not that bored.


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