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Sunday, September 25, 2005

What Kind of subject line is 'test'?

    Oh, that? I was working through the different functions that are available at blogger, not really expecting to find anything useful, when I came across the post-via-email thing and it seemed a little too simple so I tried it out. It works. It works very well. I may never have to actually visit my blogs ever again, once I get them all their own email addresses set-up. The good part, what is it, why am I so happy about it? Well, you can indent by using the friggin' space bar for one, something I never figured out at Blogger. I was using old-assed &code which I know there had to be a better way but now I need not learn it!! If you want to try it, it is under settings>email in your dashboard.

  On the subject of Blogger, other than the joy of learning a bit about posting there; I'm starting to regret choosing Blogger for my projects. I don't know if they have a certain time of day that everything goes tits-up, and that just happens to be when I am trying to view and/or update my blogs; but it is becoming a daily occurrence. I get '403 permission denied', I get 'document contains no data', I'm starting to feel a little unwanted. The oddest part is that I can go to some, but not my own, or I can view but not post, etc. Oh well, I'm probably to blame, we'll see. --r-


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