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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Reunion Entertains One

  Back to television, not that we ever leave it for long here at YMT, TV is what keeps the thinking part-time.

  Reunion is on FOX, and is one of those shows that makes me glad to live in a time that canceled series end up on DVD. I say that because FOX has decided to place this show on Thursday night opposite the NBC bad hair show and whatever blockbuster not-fully-boring show that CBS has on. FOX also has a well-earned reputation for cancelling shows that don't go number 1 right away, there is a complete list at The Futon Critic; just look up 'tv on dvd'.

  Reunion is better than most of the shows that folks seem to want to talk about all the time, so I don't bother to discuss it in the groups or IRL. The premise is to follow a group of friends from high school graduation night through their 20th reunion, at which time one of them has been killed; presumably (or just possibly) by one of the others. Each episode is one year-ish later than the one before, There are flashbackwards and forwards, changes in time period have been noted at the bottom of the screen since the first episode. I found this rather clever to start out with them, as they were unnecessary in the beginning with everyone looking so much different over 20 years time; but this gets the viewer used to it and allows us to be sure of where and when we are as the years go by and the characters look less different from then to now. One problem that I don't see any way out of, the beginning of the show is already stretching out to catch up any first-time viewers, and this was the third episode. By the year 2000 it will take the first 20 minutes to rehash everything that has happened. Either they shorthand the refresher course a lot better or just do away with it. I don't want to give anything away, as there is still time for you to catch up and form your own conclusions, but there is a synopsis of what I think is going on here. Oh, the other great thing about this show, it can't possibly be dragged on past the first 20 episodes, we already know all these people's whole lives, and the great mystery that joined them. The question is, if it somehow survives the full season, is next year about another mystery and a whole new set of friends, or is the show just over? I'll assume if the show happens to last out the year they will find a way to make it go on.

I read some Lost fans whining about nothing really happening on the second episode this year, well duh, they are trying to wait for all the new fans to fully catch up since buying their DVDs.


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