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Friday, March 25, 2005

Oohay for Yahoo (sarcasm)

     Wellity, wellity, wellity, Yahoo has seen fit to change the
appearance of yahoo groups. I believe this is in accordance with the
old adage; "If it is broken about 20% of the time, changing the
functionality from 1998 state-of-the-art to completely nonsensical is
the best you can do. That, and use pastels, everyone loves pastels,
especially around the time of year the m & m's are in pastels."

     My gripe, you asked? I prefer to read the messages at the group
sites, where until some time this afternoon, the messages were easily
displayed in order, 30 to a page, top to bottom. One could (I did)
make note of topics one would like to respond to once one got caught
up; simply by noting the message number. I would do this so as not to
make replies that have already been made. Yahoo has decided in
addition to the new color schemes, that displaying the message # is
too much trouble, I need to remember the title and author, because
that fits better into their new format. Apparently the numbers were
ruining the feng shui.

     Worse than this, in stark contrast to the format that English and
every other language that I know of that uses the 20-something letters
this message is made up of follow, they have chosen to display
expanded messages bottom to top. Now, bottom to top may be a gay
couple's idea of an adventurous weekend; but it doesn't make a whole
lot of sense when one is trying to follow a conversation that has been
written top to bottom. You see, you have to scroll up to the beginning
of the message, being careful not to overshoot it and lose your place,
there are no numbers so you can't simply remember where you were, then
you can start reading top to bottom again. Until you want to go to the
next message, then you scroll again.

     Spoilers Warnings are now pretty useless for those of us that choose
not to have several hundred single emails in our mailbox every
afternoon. So, apparently I am being penalized because I prefer to
waste less time reading group messages, just for the sheer glee
someone at Yahoo! is able to glean from wreaking this havoc?

     --- Richard (probably missing an easy toggle button that puts it
normal, but has already gone this far)


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