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Friday, April 28, 2006

Worth the wait? Wait and see

  Best kept secret of smart rock Nina Gordon has decided that July 18th is a good time to finally unveil her second solo album. If you're unfamiliar with Nina Gordon, she is the less-anger-more-emo former half of Veruca Salt, now lead by other half Louise Post. If you are unfamiliar with Veruca Salt other than Roald Dahl's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" character, you really should get out more. If you are unfamiliar with Dahl and CatCF -- I can't do anything to help you with that, Foxnews and Rush Limbaugh must have already eaten the useful parts of your brain by now. On point, you can hear a song from her upcoming album "Bleeding Heart Graffiti" by clicking this here, then click the pic of a chick with a mic. Old tyme microphone, that is. There are several other songs from other artists there, click your choice in the javabox or let the whole list play; you're bound to find at least one song you like that you might never have heard otherwise. You're welcome.

   As far as the song, "The Blue Hour"; I'm not exactly loving it, but I've only heard it twice and I've heard all of the first album just under a jillion times. I'm not sure if I'm being prejudiced by my feelings about the songs I know and this one will grow on me, or if I'm just not ever going to love it. I like it okay, I'll give it a 6 of 10. I'm not learning French so that I can understand it, I promise you that. Oh, WARNING: 75% French lyric content.

  BTW: Veruca Salt (Louise Post) has a September release scheduled for the second 'after Nina' album; apparently neither of these ladies can put out a record in under six years when left on her own. Which is okay, the two separate albums were better than all 2.5 of their albums together.

Duty Freebie: People keep sending me funny stuff from Screenhead; every time I visit there of my own accord there isn't much going on. Give it a try anyway.


At 3:14 AM, Blogger CT said...

damn, she is hot!!!

Hey thanks for the coment, and giving that chick the definition... LOL


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