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Monday, April 24, 2006

All the tea in China? Sounds like a crappy deal; where would you keep it?

  I'm at the job, this is a few weeks ago but I'm just now deciding to write about it, and I am being my usual helpful self (pain in the ass). Isabel sez - you remember Isabel, don't you? Anyway, Isabel says, "You know, Part-time Thinker," (She doesn't really call me that, I'm protecting my anonyminty freshness) "you're really being a pain in the ass; and not the good kind!" Well now, I'm an adult, and I've been asked to do certain things for certain women I've happened upon in my travels; so instantly I was able to comprehend what 'good kind' of PitA she was referring to. However, there were a few slightly more pure of heart peeps in the vicinity, so I had to be sure and clarify for all those that may have otherwise had the comment soar above their beehive hairdos exactly what Miss Isabel seemed to be referencing.

  "Not the 'Good Kind' of PitA?", I asked, as innocently as I could act. "What exactly would that be, the 'good kind' I mean?" She grinned and pretended to not be embarrassed, but the blooming color on her cheeks told me I was going to have some fun. "Are you trying to tell us he flipped you over?" She never said another word, I think she was trying to act as if she had said it purposefully. Isabel can be funny, but she ain't that funny. Plus, if she had blushed much more she would have bled right through her skin.

   One of my more innocent but not clueless cohorts came running, with glee in her eyes. "Yeah, Isabel, what's the 'good kind'?" Several others joined in, exhorting Isabel to elaborate about this mysterious 'good kind' of PitA. It went on like that for what seemed like way too long, as it wasn't that funny to me once I got my larfs, but a good time was had by all.

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