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Thursday, March 23, 2006

I'll get it done when the time is right and I have sufficiently prepared for the task at hand

Apparently Daniel Whitney, gratingly better known as 'Larry the
Cable Guy' to those unfortunate enough to hear his cackling
celebrations of the unwashed; has given permission to the United
States Air Force to use his "Git R Done" slogan. This came as news to
me, by way of someone who had never heard of Richard Pryor, so go
figure which one of us is caught in a culture warp. I won't do the
'which sign of the Apocalypse is this' joke, but only because I am
still reeling from the ridiculousity of it all. Truly, it is probably
a pretty good move, what better to appeal to someone still willing to
join the service under the current administration than this
slack-jawed yokel catchphrase? I do think it would serve better as a
slogan for Army, as Buster would say, because I don't think a person
with the cognitive skills required to operate sophisticated aircraft
and weaponry should be the same type of person that would say "git r
done". Ever. This reads like I think you have to be a moron to enjoy
Larry tCG, I don't think it's necessary, but it certainly doesn't
hurt. It also reads like I think anyone joining the service under Big
Dub is somehow damaged or less intelligent than the average person,
and that is certainly not true. Some people spend their whole lives
wanting to join the service, turn 18, and join. I admire the
dedication of people that are more interested in their own ambitions
than to turn their back on their dreams just because the sociopath
dreamweaver has written them a nightmare. Then again, there are other
things in life to become rather than a statistic.

Buzzcut Alabamians spewing colored smoke in their whiz jets to the
strains of 'Rock You Like a Hurricane.'



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