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Thursday, March 16, 2006

I need to talk to someone about my neighbor

Just a quick note, they were showing one of those cute li'l stories
at the end of my FBC local news, you know the type, not news in any
real sense; feel-goodery stories, or just plain strange stories.
Tonight's puf'n'fluf story was inappropriate use of the 911 service
for non-emergency calls. They didn't have the kid wanting help with
his homework from the last time I saw one of these stories, that one
was very cute, they played the tape and I got a toothache from the
cute; pure glucose straight through the enamel. This time around they
had the woman complaining that the local fast foodery that she had
just drive-thru-purchased from had gotten her order wrong, and she
wanted the police to come and sort this out. That wasn't what I wanted to tell you about. What I wanted you to know about, I barely caught because after hearing the drive-thru story I had shifted my focus back to the Box where I was researching how many people were wrong about Ame.rican Id.ol last night. Anyway, I did manage to hear a woman telling the 911 operator that in the newspaper there was an ad for an
eagle talon, and the 911 operator was perplexed so the caller asked
couldn't the police do anything about this, seeing as how eagles are
an endangered, protected species. The 911 operator was not nearly as
mockulatory as I would have been unable to control myself from being
when she explained that the Eagle Talon is a motor vehicle.

  BTW, one of my best friends from high school once informed me that the Dodge Shadow, the Mitsubishi Eclipse, and the Eagle Talon were all
the same car. Not sure if that's still the case, but thanks to Scot for all the info.


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