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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Peaceful, easy feeling

So, I'm sitting here after sleeping for the better part of the day,
then I get up and stumble in to read some message group stuff. I see
two innocent people that were being thrashed around finally standing
up for themselves in the neo-con circle-jerk group that I misguidedly
joined a while back, so I didn't feel the need to come to their defense and look like yet another Mister Superior Guy, that was pretty cool.

I remembered that my Sister had given me a bag of pistachios when she was here in December so I got them out of the cupboard and ate them. Wait, there's more. I found one unopened one, you know the ones; they tempt you to bite down on them to get them open, then they either crack into shards that cut the inside of your cheek or just don't give and make you feel like you're going to crack a tooth instead? Well, I set it aside and finished the bag, (it was like a 6 ounce bag, shush), and didn't find any more unopened ones. So I threw it out. That is a very peaceful feeling, to abandon the tasty goodness for my peace of mind; 'cause I know if there were two or more I would have tried to open them. I think I will travel to Not-Walmart-But-Very-Similar Club Monday and get a large bag of the shelled ones. Why work so hard, opening them one at a time like an animal?

Coming soon to Youmightthink: Stoopi joins a club and other fun topics.


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