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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Named after the petri dish manufacturer

In the news, Tom
Cruise and Katie
Holmes have a child named Suri. Sigh, that is really not very
mockworthy, kind of a letdown. Then again, I don't want to write
about famous people all the time anyway. Thinking about it did lead me
to hilarity, I'll detail the stream: TomKat's kitten made me think of
Bennifer - then Bennifer 2: The Rhythmless Nation - thinking of
Affleck made me think of Aflac - which is supplemental insurance -
supplemental being something extra - as I learned from Big Ern
McCracken - which made me think of the diner scene when Big Ern
suggests to Roy "Why don't you go eat that outside then come on back in?" - which Roy does - which is a great movie moment - but this combover-undone pic is a joy to behold.

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