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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I went to MyS.pace and made myself sad, now you can too!!

  Not make me sad, but make yourself sad like I did, grammar; I'll study up on it.
   Mydeathspace.com is an ongoing compilation of the MyS.pace profiles of people that have died. I'll tell you about it so you don't have to visit, but go ahead if you want. It is a tragic idea for a website, tragic in a different way than MyS.pace is, of course. Some of them are just regular sad, someone has died; but by the very nature of the website -- teenagers gathering to display their horrible taste in music and web design and lack of spelling/grammar essentials -- they are all rather young, so you've got extra sad points there. Plus, they have the heaping helping sadness ones: A deaf girl that was hit by a train because she was walking next to the tracks - A girl and the boyfriend that murdered her (they list murderers too); this one is particularly gut-wrenching because a mutual friend has commented on the dead girl's page that he is so sorry that he told her the killer was a good guy that she should give a chance. Fuck me that is something to live with, real or imagined guilt it's all the same.
  I imagine it is an easy website to update, check the obits and anyone dead that was between 10 and 25 probably had a MyS.pace account. I just don't think it is a necessary idea, not that there are very many necessary websites out there, but this one makes rotten.com look tame. At least at rotten there is a clinical detachment, photos of disfigurements and decapitations, but this is somehow more disturbing because they were just here making loud, shiny, blinky nonsense and now ... 
Duty Freebie: Avitable is a little twisted, funny at times; but he doesn't read me so don't tell him I sent you. Or do, \/\/.
Oh, I got smacked today at http://italk2much.com/: I'm as dull as I thought, but the comments were kind (mostly).


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